Best Carbon Road Bike Wheels

If you have a carbon bike then you are definitely looking for the best accessories and wheels possible, after all who has a carbon bike and wants to cut prices and reduce its efficiency? You are right, no one does that. Thinking of that we brought to you this interesting and very useful article that will help you find the best and most used carbon road bike wheels for your bike to always work as perfectly as possible. The more you invest in your bike the best results that you are going to have.

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The Carbon Bikes and their awesome results

Carbon bikes are perfect for those who would like to speed and to have the best results possible while in competitions. If you were meticulous enough to purchase a carbon bike then you definitely want to have the best results possible while running. Changing your bike’s wheels is rather common, especially when you use it as a professional. Thinking of that we created this article that will help you understand how to choose the right and best road bike wheels to continue to be a true success in the biking world.

Tendencies change, and so should you.

Choosing the right wheel for your bike has long been a very complicated thing; after all, it is a whole matter of trying and seeing whether or not the quality and the performance matches your style and needs. There are some very famous brands such as Shimano, Enve, Mavic, Reynolds, Zipp and the list goes on and on. But which brand and style to choose? It is important to keep in mind that all of the wheels for carbon bikes come with millimetres, some are thinner some are thicker and it is very important to understand the difference that one will do when compared to the other.

In the biking world it is a true fact that most people tend to prefer the skinnier kinds of wheels, that way they will not touch the floor so much and will able to get faster speed much quicker. Well, although it is quite common to hear such fact from those who understand about bikes, especially carbon bikes; we should open our eyes to the newest trend – thicker wheels for carbon bikes.

Thicker wheels for carbon bikes – is it truly an advantage?

It is impossible not to mention the wide revolution – changing skinnier wheels for slightly thicker ones. When it comes to carbon bikes it is impossible not to want as much speed as possible. After over a decade of people preferring the thinner wheels, after all they were said to be smoother than the thicker ones. In fact this is not true, after all the slightly thicker wheels can give much more balance and still be good and smooth. When you have wider rims you will have the opportunity to have a more seamless connection between then carbon rims and the rubber, which means you will not have to deal any unevenness, which could be found while using skinny wheels and rims. When you have the wider models you will also be able to notice that you will be much more stable and will not have to worry about the wind so much; after all you will not be under the risk of getting unstable thanks to the blown air.

All millimetres make a difference. You do not need to increase your wheels so much; only a couple millimetres will be enough to do the whole trick. You will have your wheel touch the floor better so you will also be able to enjoy much better traction and will be able to feel the road safely.

It is also very important to remember that the rims also make a big difference in this whole deal. The depth of each rim will also be very important, after all most rims are 20 mm. If you would like to have improved performance you should stick to rims that are as deep as 23 mm. You will have the opportunity to have your rubber wheel connect and feel much better there. You will be able to feel the difference as soon as you reach certain speeds; after all you will be able to feel how stable and good riding your carbon bike is.

On this link it is possible for you to find the best wheels for your carbon bike as well as find very good and interesting information on bikes and on the sport as a whole. . Good luck and happy riding!

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Best Road Bike Under $3,000 for 2014

If you are looking for a high quality bike that will surpass your expectations and definitely last for a life time then this article will be very helpful to you. There are hundreds of models in the market today that have several different features. When it comes to investing in a bike users must look for several different qualities that include: design, quality, comfort, price and versatility. We collected information all over the web and we were able to create this useful article to help you choose the best bike released in 2014 that costs less than $3.000 and that will be simply amazing for you and all of your needs, after all $3.000 is a lot, especially when it comes to investing in a bike.

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The Cell 2014 Omeo 2.0

This bike has everything to impress even the most exigent bike lovers of the whole planet. The nice design, modern lines and incredible materials are simply excellent for everyone that loves competitions or simply loves to have a high quality bike at their disposal 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This great bike calls attention because of its high quality and also because of its extra longevity. If you purchase this item you will definitely not need to buy any other bike, ever again.

With as little as $2.800 it is possible for you to take this true queen home. Perfect for those who want to race, the Omeo 2.0 has everything to provide the rider high performance 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The aero design makes everything much easier for those who would like to run and to enjoy the aerodynamics of the wind and racing. The frames are light and made out of the finest carbon available in the market today. Users will be able to enjoy the comfort and at the same time be able to take full advantage of the high stiffness provided by this model. Perfect for those areas that are steep and uneven. Users will also be able to take full advantage of the top quality and innovative Mavic Ksyrium Equipe wheelset that happens to be much lighter than it was when compared to older models.

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Some of the main features of this great new release!

  • Lighter CERA mixed modulii with the best UD carbon layup
  • Electronic shifting with the complete Shimano Ultegra 11 Speed Di2 groupset, a new release
  • The high quality and also much Lighter FSA SL-K stem and full carbon handlebar for extra comfort
  • Lighter and stiffer Mavic Ksyrium Equipe wheel set with a set of 25mm Mavic Yksion Comp foldable tyres for versatility.

The price and the quality match.

As a bike lover you are certainly worried about the quality of your investment. It is impossible to deny that $2.800 is a good investment, even being not as high as some people pay on bikes. You will be investing in a true high quality item that will give you as much return as you desire to receive. This model has everything any professional rider could ever wish for. Even though amateurs can also profit from the purchase, this model was created and focuses on professional riders that love to enjoy the bike and to win competitions. If you decide to give this bike a go you will notice that it is indeed a very good investment that will last for years and years on end. Another great point regarding this model is that it is brand new but it has had predecessors that were also very successful among those who truly understand about bikes. Most sites and online stores sell this item for $2.800 dollars, however it is possible to find deals and buy it for even cheaper. Some stores might offer it for as cheap as $2.500, which is already a very reasonable discount.

Read more about this great item!

You can continue reading about this great opportunity on the web. There are several different sites that will give you the full specs and details about this bike. You can read much more right now and finally decide whether or not this carbon light bike is truly the right option for you.

You can read a complete review regarding this amazing bike at the following link You will certainly understand why we chose this bike as the best bike in 2014 that cost less than $3.000. You will definitely fall in love with it just like our team did.

Check this link to get more options.

Best Road Bike Under $2,500 for 2014

We all know how challenging it can be to find the perfect bike to use as a sport item or even to use as a professional item. There are so many options in the market today that it is often quite hard to choose the right option for you and your budget. This article will help you see the advantages of a very good model that can be found all over the stores and web for around $2.500 dollars. If you are planning to spend up to $2.500 then this article will indeed be of very good help. You can find very good items to serve you, and that is why we brought this article for you. Keep on reading and find out more about a bike that can cost you as little as $2.000 dollars and truly last for a lifetime.

The 2014 Felt Z5

Felt Z5 is indeed the name for 2014. This bike has everything to impress even the most exigent bike lovers from all over the world. This bike was shown in the latest news regarding bikes and newer technologies in the field. The model is incredibly slim, light and comes with an awesome price. This was meant to be the perfect option for the exigent buyers that want to have the best at all times still not having to spend too much in the whole process. Although the Z5 is a name for an older model of bikes, you should keep an eye out for this new model that is the 2014 one. This model today coms with very good enhancements and lower price, after all the brand would like to have even more clients this year.

The new advantages: better quality, better price

It is very interesting to understand why this model is much better today. First of all the 2014 model comes with full carbon frames that are very good and versatile, perfect for those who love precision and comfort at all times. You will have a very good combination of the best quality materials that provide comfort and the opportunity to have very good performance. This new Z5 model comes with the prestigious and upper quality Shimano 105 shifters and derailleurs. This is indeed a very good option for those who would like to ride especially on the road. Users will also be able to enjoy the quality and high performance of the FSA Omega crank set. The wheels are good and come with felt hubs and the Mavic CXP-22 rims. The cockpit was made by Felt’s as well as the hand bars.

The true performance

This bike is not only good in price, but it is also awesome when it comes to its true performance. You will be able to enjoy the quality and light weight of the carbon frames and will be able to ride it pretty much anywhere. It is perfect for the steep areas as well as the flat areas such as concrete pavement. Users will indeed be able to enjoy the bike wherever they go; it is a perfect model for those who would like to ride it everywhere. If you intend to spend your money on an item that is bound to last for a long time then this is indeed a wonderful option for you to try.

The price tag is still worth your time and money

You might be asking yourself if this is true. Well, the bike sounds very good, the model was upgraded and the price reduced, and this could only be some sort of scheme to hide some sort of project error. Well, this is not true, this model was produced with top quality materials and simply had its price reduced to reach more people and to spread even more. If you are interested then you should definitely take a look at this model, after all it truly sounds as if it could be a very good deal.

If you would like to know more

If you would like to read more then make sure you take a look at the following link, after all the more you know about the product the better. You can read more reviews for this product at We hope this article was helpful. Hopefully you will be able to find the bike of your dreams, an item that is able to fit both your dreams and budget.

Best Road Bike Under $1,500 for 2014

If you would like to invest in a really good bike you will probably get very happy to know that you can purchase a top bike for less than $1.500 dollars. Of course $1.500 dollars is already a huge deal when it comes to money; however it is possible to find bikes that are $4.000 or even more. If you are willing to spend your $1.500 dollars then you will probably want to get the best that the money can buy. Thinking of that we decided to release this very useful and interesting article that will help you find the right bike for your needs, that happens to be high quality and that perfectly fits into your budget. Are you ready to read about a wonderful model that has everything to please you whether you want to run or simply tour? Keep on reading and find out!

Allez Comp 105 Compact

With your $1.500 dollars you will be able to buy a brand new Allez Comp 105 Compact. This bike is an excellent choice for those who would like to have semi-professional results while spending a very good and reasonable value.This bike has everything to impress and to please, especially if you are looking for a lighter model that will give you some speed and comfort while still being pretty sturdy.

This model is made of aluminium, reducing its weight considerably and adding a lot of quality and durability to the model. Although this bike seems not to be such a comfortable model, it is perfect for you to ride on the concrete pavement but also take rough areas without being jammed too hard. You will be able to have a good level of comfort and will not have to worry about your bike breaking in the middle of the way. Although this is considered to be a compact model, people of all sizes – males and females – will be able to enjoy the best of it. It weighs less than 20 pounds and has a very good size that will help you carry it all over the place.

Is it the right bike for you indeed?

It is possible to find this bike all over the country. You can find very good deals online and although some places might charge as much as $2.000 dollars for it, it is easy enough to find it on the web for as little as $1.500 or even less. It is up to you to make some very good research and to find the best store near you that has this amazing bike. Once you lay your hands on this model you will see that this article is not bragging. The design is perfect, the colors are discreet and the comfort is awesome to say the least. Of course some people believe that carbon is the best, however beware, there is a huge difference between this model and a carbon bike – this one can go on steep places with holes and everything, and a carbon bike cannot. If you want to have a life lasting bike then make sure you only use a carbon bike to run and nothing else. If you want to have a light item to ride and have speed and also be able to face steep hills and holes then you certainly need an aluminium bike.

The bottom line

We can indeed conclude that the Allez Comp 105 Compact is a very good option for those who would like to have a very flexible and versatile bike to ride in all kinds of occasions. It’s very cheap, when comparing to other similar models. You will be able to enjoy the quality of this bike whether you want to explore crazy places or simply ride around town to get to work or school. This bike is also good because it is an everlasting model that will bring you many benefits. If you want top quality then this is indeed a wonderful option for you.

Read more!

You can find more information regarding this amazing bike at The more you read about it the more you are going to fall in love with it that is for sure.

You can read very interesting information on how to actually choose the best bike that is under $1.500 here. The more you know the better, after all choosing a very good bike is your next task, so let’s make sure you have as much information to help you as possible.

The Four Types of Bike Trainers and Which One is Best for You

Bike trainers are the most effective tool for increasing your fitness and strength on a bike in the least amount of time possible. Being that are no external factors to overcome while riding (e.g. wind, hills, etc.) it’s easy to gauge progress, particularly when using a heart-rate monitor and/or a power-meter.

Regardless, they’re especially convenient if you’re running short on time, need to do a very specific workout, and/or if the weather is less than ideal.

While any bike trainer can provide a good workout to any cyclist, some trainers are more appropriate than others in respect to the rider. In general, there are four types of bike trainers: Wind, Magnetic, Fluid, and Rollers. Of the four, cost is the biggest differentiator. However, each style has its pros and cons. Furthermore, ride quality and price can vary significantly. Allow me to elaborate on each:

Wind Bike Trainer

Wind trainers generate resistance via a fan and are generally the least expensive option. With wind, as a cyclist pedals harder or fast, the resistance will increase. However, such trainers are quite loud. So, if noise doesn’t concern you, this would be a good trainer type to consider.

Wind trainers range from $150 to $300, but can fetch as much as $630 for the likes of the LeMond Revolution 1.1 (Kurt Kinetic Cyclone shown below).

Click here for further information about kinetic bike trainer.

Magnetic Bike Trainer

Magnetic (Mag) trainers generate resistance via magnetic force and are the most popular option. Though, the force they generate is fixed, meaning their resistance stays the same no matter how hard or fast you pedal. However, varying levels of resistance can be achieved by use of an attached cable, which can adjust the level of resistance. Overall, these trainers are best for steady-state efforts.

Mag trainers start around $150 (Elite Volare Mag Speed shown below).

Fluid Bike Trainer

Fluid bike trainers generate resistance via a magnetic flywheel with fluid resistance chambers. In other words, they provide a progressive feel that is the most similar to what you’d experience riding outdoors. Therefore, when you shift gears or pedal harder or faster, the resistance will increase correspondingly. Fluid trainers also offer the most resistance of any trainer.

Fluid trainers range from $230 to $500 (CycleOps Fluid 2 shown below).


Rollers offer an entirely different riding experience and can help improve your pedal stroke and bike handling skills. Instead of attaching your bike to a trainer, you set your bike atop three cylinders. While no forward motion can be made, you can actually move from side to side. While that might sound a bit scarey, it’s the best trainer for perfecting your pedal stroke and keeping you mentally engaged. Resistance either comes in the form of shifting one’s gears or a resistance band attached between the front two cylinders.

Rollers start around $200.


If the goal is to ride more, any type of trainer will do. With the exception of rollers, it’s a wise decision to buy a front wheel riser block. That will keep your bike level and make for a more enjoyable riding experience.

Other than that, here are a few things to ask yourself before buying:

  • What’s the functionality of the trainer?
    • Is set-up easy? Is it easy to store? Is it portable?
  • How much are you willing to spend?
    • Ride quality and durability correspond with an increase in price.
  • How loud is the trainer?
    • Does it have the potential to disturb others in earshot?

Learn how to fit a bike at

Cheap Road Bikes

Ready to ride? Here are some good bikes at lower costs.

Diamondback Overdrive

It is virtually impossible to find an authentic mountain bike for less than $500, but the Overdrive ($600) comes pretty close. This 29er hard tail sports the same aluminum frame as the Overdrive Pro, a $1,750 bike, but it depends on cheaper parts to hit this budget price. The result isn’t a perfect bike, but it’s plenty fun on smooth to semi-technical trails and it would be hard to get more bike for the cost. [Read more…]

Shimano Road Bike Components Hierarchy

A groupset is a bicycle component manufacturer’s organized collection of mechanical parts that make up the drive train of a bicycle. It refers to the components that make up a bicycle, excluding the frame, saddle, handlebars, pedals, fork and wheels. Shimano manufactures the largest percentage of bicycle components worldwide, with five major road bike groupsets available to the consumer. They begin with Sora and graduate up in relation to cost with Tiagra, 105, Ultegra and ending with Dura-Ace, the most expensive Shimano groupset. [Read more…]

Order Carbon Road Bike Frames on eBay

Going to eBay to find a bike frame produces results to pay anywhere from $20 to $5,000 for a carbon bike frame. Today we found 526 listings.

You can buy a bicycle on eBay according to brand, frame size and condition so you can filter specifically for what you want. You could purchase mountain bikes for off-road cycling, BMX bikes for stunts or even look for folding bikes that will fit more easily in your car trunk. Some eBay sellers sell parts, clothes and safety gear to match the bicycles that they sell so you can purchase all the equipment you need through the eBay website. [Read more…]

105 vs Dura Ace Road Bike Components

Shimano is a Japanese company that first entered the American bike market in the 1970’s. Shimano has about 50% of the component market; they seem to be the brand that the others are compared to. They make components for the Dura Ace, the 105, and the Ultegra, and their reputation is well deserved.

You see comments on bike threads throughout the internet that tell you not to mix and match parts from various manufacturers, then you read most of them are going to work together well. The lesson here is to ask, ask, ask, and make sure you have compatible parts. If you are a purist, then the problem is solved for you. [Read more…]

How to Fit A Road Bike

According to Cycling, there is an exact science to fit a road bike to your measurements. Sure, you can pay $300 for someone to “expertly” fit you to a bike, but the following tips, taken directly from their website, will save you money and give you the same results.

Here, then, are the precise ways to get a good fit for your road bike:

A bike fit has three basic parameters: correct saddle height, correct saddle-to-stem distance, and correct fore and aft saddle position. Research overseen by Dr. Kristophe de Timze at M.I.T found with 700 test subjects that key upper to lower body proportions are perfectly suited for bike fit approximations. [Read more…]