Best Road Bike Under $3,000 for 2014

If you are looking for a high quality bike that will surpass your expectations and definitely last for a life time then this article will be very helpful to you. There are hundreds of models in the market today that have several different features. When it comes to investing in a bike users must look for several different qualities that include: design, quality, comfort, price and versatility. We collected information all over the web and we were able to create this useful article to help you choose the best bike released in 2014 that costs less than $3.000 and that will be simply amazing for you and all of your needs, after all $3.000 is a lot, especially when it comes to investing in a bike.

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The Cell 2014 Omeo 2.0

This bike has everything to impress even the most exigent bike lovers of the whole planet. The nice design, modern lines and incredible materials are simply excellent for everyone that loves competitions or simply loves to have a high quality bike at their disposal 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This great bike calls attention because of its high quality and also because of its extra longevity. If you purchase this item you will definitely not need to buy any other bike, ever again.

With as little as $2.800 it is possible for you to take this true queen home. Perfect for those who want to race, the Omeo 2.0 has everything to provide the rider high performance 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The aero design makes everything much easier for those who would like to run and to enjoy the aerodynamics of the wind and racing. The frames are light and made out of the finest carbon available in the market today. Users will be able to enjoy the comfort and at the same time be able to take full advantage of the high stiffness provided by this model. Perfect for those areas that are steep and uneven. Users will also be able to take full advantage of the top quality and innovative Mavic Ksyrium Equipe wheelset that happens to be much lighter than it was when compared to older models.

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Some of the main features of this great new release!

  • Lighter CERA mixed modulii with the best UD carbon layup
  • Electronic shifting with the complete Shimano Ultegra 11 Speed Di2 groupset, a new release
  • The high quality and also much Lighter FSA SL-K stem and full carbon handlebar for extra comfort
  • Lighter and stiffer Mavic Ksyrium Equipe wheel set with a set of 25mm Mavic Yksion Comp foldable tyres for versatility.

The price and the quality match.

As a bike lover you are certainly worried about the quality of your investment. It is impossible to deny that $2.800 is a good investment, even being not as high as some people pay on bikes. You will be investing in a true high quality item that will give you as much return as you desire to receive. This model has everything any professional rider could ever wish for. Even though amateurs can also profit from the purchase, this model was created and focuses on professional riders that love to enjoy the bike and to win competitions. If you decide to give this bike a go you will notice that it is indeed a very good investment that will last for years and years on end. Another great point regarding this model is that it is brand new but it has had predecessors that were also very successful among those who truly understand about bikes. Most sites and online stores sell this item for $2.800 dollars, however it is possible to find deals and buy it for even cheaper. Some stores might offer it for as cheap as $2.500, which is already a very reasonable discount.

Read more about this great item!

You can continue reading about this great opportunity on the web. There are several different sites that will give you the full specs and details about this bike. You can read much more right now and finally decide whether or not this carbon light bike is truly the right option for you.

You can read a complete review regarding this amazing bike at the following link You will certainly understand why we chose this bike as the best bike in 2014 that cost less than $3.000. You will definitely fall in love with it just like our team did.

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