Best Road Bike Under $1,500 for 2014

If you would like to invest in a really good bike you will probably get very happy to know that you can purchase a top bike for less than $1.500 dollars. Of course $1.500 dollars is already a huge deal when it comes to money; however it is possible to find bikes that are $4.000 or even more. If you are willing to spend your $1.500 dollars then you will probably want to get the best that the money can buy. Thinking of that we decided to release this very useful and interesting article that will help you find the right bike for your needs, that happens to be high quality and that perfectly fits into your budget. Are you ready to read about a wonderful model that has everything to please you whether you want to run or simply tour? Keep on reading and find out!

Allez Comp 105 Compact

With your $1.500 dollars you will be able to buy a brand new Allez Comp 105 Compact. This bike is an excellent choice for those who would like to have semi-professional results while spending a very good and reasonable value.This bike has everything to impress and to please, especially if you are looking for a lighter model that will give you some speed and comfort while still being pretty sturdy.

This model is made of aluminium, reducing its weight considerably and adding a lot of quality and durability to the model. Although this bike seems not to be such a comfortable model, it is perfect for you to ride on the concrete pavement but also take rough areas without being jammed too hard. You will be able to have a good level of comfort and will not have to worry about your bike breaking in the middle of the way. Although this is considered to be a compact model, people of all sizes – males and females – will be able to enjoy the best of it. It weighs less than 20 pounds and has a very good size that will help you carry it all over the place.

Is it the right bike for you indeed?

It is possible to find this bike all over the country. You can find very good deals online and although some places might charge as much as $2.000 dollars for it, it is easy enough to find it on the web for as little as $1.500 or even less. It is up to you to make some very good research and to find the best store near you that has this amazing bike. Once you lay your hands on this model you will see that this article is not bragging. The design is perfect, the colors are discreet and the comfort is awesome to say the least. Of course some people believe that carbon is the best, however beware, there is a huge difference between this model and a carbon bike – this one can go on steep places with holes and everything, and a carbon bike cannot. If you want to have a life lasting bike then make sure you only use a carbon bike to run and nothing else. If you want to have a light item to ride and have speed and also be able to face steep hills and holes then you certainly need an aluminium bike.

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The bottom line

We can indeed conclude that the Allez Comp 105 Compact is a very good option for those who would like to have a very flexible and versatile bike to ride in all kinds of occasions. It’s very cheap, when comparing to other similar models. You will be able to enjoy the quality of this bike whether you want to explore crazy places or simply ride around town to get to work or school. This bike is also good because it is an everlasting model that will bring you many benefits. If you want top quality then this is indeed a wonderful option for you.

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You can find more information regarding this amazing bike at The more you read about it the more you are going to fall in love with it that is for sure.

You can read very interesting information on how to actually choose the best bike that is under $1.500 here. The more you know the better, after all choosing a very good bike is your next task, so let’s make sure you have as much information to help you as possible.

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